Whining, Dining, and Other Unpaid Observations

Meet KP

Edit 10/24/09: Well, I suppose I should update this. It’s happened! I’m employed. What a feeling. It’s more than a feeling, in fact. How did Boston make an appearance in my About Me? Anyway. Starting Monday, I’ll be copywriting at this fantastic ad agency here in Houston. This is the best thing that could have happened. Trust.

My blog-thoughts will still be unpaid, of course.  The whining will be drastically reduced. The dining, however, I’m expecting to radically increase. Get ready.

Old me: Unemployed. Freelance. Creative. Young. Different. Awesome. lego man

What’s a brand new college grad to do when every impression of the Real World is shattered and disillusioned? When the job market is more like an old-school villainous soap opera than … well, a job market? When said grad has more time on her hands than she cares to discuss?

DSCF0433Welcome to my blog. It will likely contain many food entries, thoughts on advertising, happy hour specials, or even clam chowder recipes that I will never make but maybe you will like. I’m sure my cat, an enormous ball of fury with a big personality, will make an appearance or two, as well as my boyfriend, an entrepreneur who is both smart and funny and most importantly, attractive. I mean rich. I mean kind. Addys

Mostly it will be life as I know it. My corner of the universe may be small, but my perspective certainly isn’t.

Any interests outside of those, I’m not even aware of yet.

Let’s get this started.


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